Once again, I took pictures, this time two weeks ago, and didn’t get a post written. So it’ll be another double-your-fun post, all from the front beds and shade garden. I haven’t been doing much in the garden (not nearly as much as needs doing), because I’ve been grading, and going out with friends (to a restaurant! and then to their house! and brunch with a different friend! and walking with another one!) when I’m not working. Autumn showed up precisely on schedule: we went from summer weather to chilly overnight on the equinox. Funny how that works.

Anyway, up first we have the upper front bed, where I moved a tomato plant that volunteered itself in the veg patch (this is what happens with homemade compost, I think). Alas, bugs have burrowed into the tomatoes, so I’m not going to get anything from this plant. But in the wider view today, the two shades of sedum are very pretty.

#2, the big lump of sedums that I so often reference as a sign of the changing seasons, first two weeks ago and then today, from different perspectives as well:

#3, Honorine Joubert and her companion Rudbeckia (and some columbine seedheads):

#4, the purple aster with more of Honorine:

It really is purple, not pink.

#5, two pink flower pictures from two weeks ago. This little geranium appeared unexpectedly in the shade garden, and also the coneflower cultivar was blooming brightly. It has since gone to seed.

#6, volunteer asters, some of the purple, and then the wild ones in the side yard (popular with the bumblebees):

This is more the color they really are.

So there we are, the state of things in the garden for the last two weeks. Six on Saturday is hosted by the Propagator.

I swear someday I’m going to start posting more often, and on topics that aren’t just the garden, but at least this keeps me showing up once in awhile. I hope my fellow gardeners are enjoying the weekend!

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