Six for Saturday the 13th

Summer feels pretty much over, as I’m on-contract as of Monday. Boo. Still, the equinox is more than a month off, and it looks like we’ll have some very decent summery weather for at least the next week, pleasantly hot rather than excruciatingly so. I look forward to that. And today I even got out to take pictures (and do some weeding: fake strawberry keeps popping up in more places in the lawn). I’ll be arriving late at the Propagator’s party, as I so often do, but that’s better than not getting around to a post at all.

My first photo is of the sedum lump and its company in the front bed, a sign of the approaching autumn:

#2, another such sign is the buds on Honorine Joubert the Japanese anemone:honorine-joubert-2022-08-13

#3, near Honorine the purple aster is well-leafed-out, though not yet in bud:aster-2022-08-13

#4, the wild bit is also starting to look autumnal (in person, those rusty leaves are really a very bright red):wild-bit-2022-08-13

#5, it is very obvious that one of the deck tomatoes was mislabeled (I believed it to be a cherry tomato), and I feel I ought to dig it a nice hole somewhere, but I’m not sure where I could put it now:deck-tomatoes-2022-08-13

veg-patch-2022-08-13#6, The vegetable patch is rather full; I picked and cooked a whole lot of chard before I went away for a week, but that only seems to have encouraged it, and the tomatoes there are going rather wild:

Six on Saturday is hosted by the Propagator, who is suffering from drought. Sympathies! It’s been a bit dry here, but not nearly so bad as the UK has it.