Two weeks in a row! Maybe I’ll get properly back into the swing of blogging. Some of these pictures follow up on those from last week, and others are new. I thought I had a picture of the lilac when it was barely showing leaf buds, but I’m not finding it. I expect it to be fully in bloom tomorrow. Here’s where it was this morning (1):

The lawn (2) looks like squirrels have been digging in it. Really, really big squirrels. That’s because I’ve been digging out dandelions, not that my efforts seem to make a dent:

For #3, I’ll follow up on last week’s tulip + daffodil pictures, since I don’t think these will be around much longer:

Peonies are #4, this week as last; they’re now growing through their supports:

#5 is a view of the front-lawn flowerbed. The geranium is much bigger this week. I’ve also planted lavender, donated by my MIL. She ordered the plants for her balcony, which faces north, and I convinced her they would not be happy there. This afternoon I planted up some lobelia and sweet potato vines for her, which I think will do better in the space she has. I didn’t take a picture today, but maybe I’ll do that on some future Saturday.

And finally, some hostas (6). They grow like weeds. I keep resolving to thin them, vigorously and with prejudice. My one effort in that direction, this year, resulted in five small clumps of them being dug up and moved to a bare spot on the west side of the house. They’re already looking very much at home here, and it’s impossible to tell where they were before, since their brethren are rapidly expanding into their space.

Six on Saturday is hosted by The Propagator. I cannot believe his clematis are already blooming. And roses! Sigh . . . maritime climates . . . frilly tulips at the same time as roses and clematis, it’s the Earthly Paradise!

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  1. I do like you Peony supports, I need something like that because mine always fall over no matter how many strings I use.

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