A few days ago, three large tomatoes were ripening on the freebie plant. Then there were two, and I wondered if I’d hallucinated the third. Then there were none, and I found this:

I am not amused. I suspect the groundhog that has been hanging around, but I’m sure rabbits will find the hole soon enough. I need to go close the barn door, so to speak, but first I have to finish a syllabus for a class that starts in just a few days.

Further evidence of the damage:

The beast has been nipping off stems of many tomato plants. I have a lot of late-starting volunteers from the compost patch, which may fruit for Halloween if we’re lucky, so I wish s/he’d stick to them.

A view of the sweet peas, the two remaining plants; I started a dozen back in late April or May, seven sprouted and were moved to the fencing around the veg patch, and I think these are the only two that remain:

Let us move on from this scene. I’m glad I have two pots of tomatoes on the deck. Well, at the moment they’re on the path, because I need to paint the deck, but we keep having thunderstorms predicted so I don’t paint, and I’m going to have to re-prep when I get there, but anyway, tomatoes. The Romas aren’t doing so well, as some bug keeps laying eggs in the tips of the tomatoes, so I had to throw away the first half-dozen to ripen. Fingers crossed that the current batch may be okay:

Looking up, here’s a late-summer view of the magnolia, last seen in bloom:

We’re up to six now, yes? Here’s the autumn-blooming clematis, in bud, twining around the grape vine and the deck railing:

Six on Saturday is hosted by The Propagator, who has lovely bright colo(u)rs this week!

Stay tuned for posts on The Green Knight and my research spreadsheets.

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