Combining the stocktake format observed here and the 5-minute format followed by Undine (following Gwinne and xykademiq), here’s what I’ve been up to:

Cooking: clafoutis, with strawberries rather than cherries.

Eating: duh, see above.

Reading: for work, Illegitimacy in Medieval Scotland; for fun, Yestermorrow, which mysteriously appeared on my bookshelves though I have no idea where it came from and never heard of it before (I suspect that I acquired it on some trip, possibly at the Other Change of Hobbit when they still had a physical store, then promptly packed it up because we were trying to sell the house, and forgot about it because we didn’t sell the house for three years. . .); for self-improvement, The End of Procrastination, which I got to via somebody’s blog but not the one I thought so who knows and I won’t link, and also The Writing Workshop which I found via The Fora (where the Chron Fora went).

Making plans to watch: The Green Knight, because a former student got in touch and I know students this fall will ask me what I thought, and I can’t have thoughts if I haven’t seen it (except that I watched the trailer and was quite taken by the talking fox).

Buying (recently or soon): green and white tea, pearl-grey fabric dye, services in the form of haircut and pedicure.

Meeting: with my RL writing group (Zoom), grad students (office!!! live!!!).

And that’s already 15 minutes, partly because of finding links and going to look at the title of the fun book that I finished Saturday and stashed back on the shelves with its two sequels, undoubtedly from the same trip.

3 thoughts on “5-minute stock-take

  1. Oooh zietgiesty – I just bought some indigo fabric dye. Dyed a hoodie and a couple of light jumper/sweater type things over the weekend. A++ would craft again. Even thought the results were a bit … rustic (my fault entirely)

    I read End of Procrastination a couple of years back, so you’re likely not remembering that. I found it really charming and the illustrations utterly delightful. The author commented on my post which was totally unexpected and lovely. I am sad to say that I probably incorporated nothing lasting into my life.

    1. Oh, then I probably did get it from you! I went and did a quick search and didn’t see the title right away, so I thought I was wrong, but since I often go back and read archives for my favorite blogs, I bet the result I was looking for got buried. I read a lot of reviews at Amazon and was greatly encouraged by the negative ones that said things like “quotes too many studies, you really have to think about it,” which of course appealed to my scholarly self.

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