However, since the Six on Saturday meme keeps me showing up at least once a week (usually), I’ll go ahead and post the pictures I took yesterday (I got that far), and then they’ll be here for reference purposes. Maybe next week I can get back to the proper schedule.

1, the peonies are about ready to pop:

2, the irises are eyeing their moment:

3, the bleeding hearts are more profuse:

4, this flash of blue caught my eye in the grass; I guess we have baby robins somewhere:

5, more of the shade garden:

6, the vegetable plot, and more things I need to plant, mostly in it (but one is a pincushion flower, and I’m thinking about where it should go; and another is a spearmint that I bought by mistake, when I was reaching for oregano, and I don’t want it; anyone want a spearmint seedling?):

The people who showed up on time were over at the Propagator’s place.