I was all set to post this yesterday, and then got distracted by a lovely e-mail from Lady Maud. The magnolia is over, the bulb flowers nearly gone, and the peonies are up but still not revealing their colo(u)r. So here’s what I have:

1, in the shade garden I have bleeding hearts (and a dandelion that I should dig out):

2, there are also forget-me-nots and a flower whose name I know intermittently but can’t think of at the moment, maybe starts with a B? The flowers are pink.

3, the lilac is a standard-issue lavender, not blooming so profusely as I would hope:

4, moving around the side of the house, the Japanese maple glows in burgundy (and the grass badly needs cutting):

5, two views of clematis, the fall bloomer that grows up the grapevine that shades the deck, and the summer bloomer with tiny flowers, round the corner:

6, the last daffodil, surrounded by hostas and day lilies (and more dandelions):

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