I’m cheating a bit, and giving you four pictures of magnolias as my #1. I took a picture every day this week, but the ones on cloudy days didn’t turn out as well as these. The first is from Sunday, the last from yesterday:

Okay, 2 is the current state of the clump of sedums that has been a regular feature. I’ve cleared off some of the dead foliage, but haven’t got round to removing it from the bed, so you can see a bit of it at the edge:

3, two sets of grape hyacinths. The first is under the bird bath (note the fallen magnolia petal); the second lets you see quite a bit of the shade garden, in the front of the house, including one of the columbines returning:

4 is the lilac bush, very leafy now:

5 is tulips, not sure what color yet. There are two big clumps in the side yard, under a pine tree and screened by day lilies and whatnot; I’ve been wondering if squirrels moved them there, because it seems like an odd place for them. There are a couple of other areas in the garden where I see tulip leaves, but just a leaf or three, no buds.

6, the iris are coming up. Again, I look forward to finding out what color they will be.

Someday I may get around to posting something that isn’t Six on Saturday. In the meantime, at least this keeps me showing up once a week! The host is Jon at The Propagator. His post for this week reminds me that I should go see if the clematis is sprouting. The peonies have sent up shoots, which may feature next week. See above re: finding out about colors! I don’t want to plant anything new till I know what colors are already here.