One, daffodils are in full bloom:

Two, more daffodils:

Three, periwinkles (to my surprise: I saw a bit of lavender and expected crocuses, but no):

Four-sythia, which I am delighted to discover I now have:

Five, one of the columbines I planted late last summer is coming back:

Six, so is the big clump of sedum that I think was last seen as a lump under snow cover (no, it was when emerging from that state):

Rats, I forgot to take a picture of the lilac leaves. They are larger than last week, but still not what you’d call leafed-out. If I were in better shape, I’d go back outside and add a bonus picture, or bunch the daffodils as a single topic. Unfortunately, I have pulled a muscle along my rib cage and am very sore, so for the last few days I have done as little moving as I can get away with, almost no actual work, and definitely no vigorous gardening. Since it’s warming up, I hope to spend awhile this afternoon sitting on the deck, as a change from the couch. But for the moment I’m staying put. Wandering around the garden was a pleasant expedition for the morning, and (bonus) I got to tell a distributor of political flyers not to leave any with us. I’ll be glad when Tuesday’s local election is over with.

Six on Saturday is hosted by the Propagator—if you like garden pictures, head on over. He has some glorious double-ruffled daffs this week.

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