Six on Saturday: actual spring

Last week, I didn’t bother to post because everything looked exactly the same as the previous week, thanks to the snowfall putting everything back in the fridge. However, this week we’ve had some warmish weather and some rain, so I have some flowers to show you:

And the lilac bush has leaves coming out of those buds:

All the rest are various bits of green stuff turning green. Groundcover sedum, for instance:

Four and five are green stuff appearing in the shade garden:

Six is day lilies sprouting between the bulbs and the vegetable patch:

I’d like to get out and do some tidying up, but I have oodles of work, plus assorted House/Life stuff that urgently needs attention (taxes, the dying dryer), so the garden will have to wait.

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Six on Saturday: progress

The snow has melted. But don’t get excited yet; we’ll be getting more early next week, nasty wet heavy stuff, too, unless we get lucky and it turns to rain. Today is lovely, though, and I’ve been reading on the deck. I’m not going to do much in the way of spring clean-up until April, given the good possibility of more snow (and frosts). Here are my six for today:

1, The little lemon thread false cypress doesn’t seem to mind having been buried for weeks:

2, behind it I noticed these groupings of bulbs by the back fence, where later in the season there will be hostas:

3, a bit further along the back comes the vegetable patch, where the catnip is making a comeback (so, alas, is the Creeping Charlie):

4, here’s where the lilac buds have got to with a week of warmish temperatures:

5, the box bushes in the back look like they may have the same problem the ones in the front had last year. I may replace all of them with evergreens or something:

6, the two clearance-table junipers I planted late last summer (early fall?) are doing nicely in the Evergreen Garden:

Six on Saturday is hosted by The Propagator.

Six on Saturday: The Thaw

It’s not exactly what I would call spring, but the driveway is completely clear and the snow on the lawn is now patchy rather than a solid foot-plus cover. So here are some pictures, starting with the evergreen grouping I planted last year, near the back fence, with a close-up of the false cypress in the middle, which was completely buried after the last snowfall:

#2, the sedums in their current state:

#3, the spiky green thing re-emerges, looking pretty good. I think it’s an alien:

#4, the lilac bush is showing signs of life:

#5, so are weeds in the vegetable patch:

#6, the little rose I didn’t get around to moving to a sunnier spot, last fall. It needs some pruning, but at least it’s also showing signs of life:

I don’t see any signs of bulbs, yet. Since this is my first spring here, I don’t know what to expect, but I’ll keep my eyes open. Future plans depend on what is already here. I know I’ll need to thin the hostas when they start coming up; the question is whether to divide & re-plant here, find new homes for some, or just compost the extras. There are a lot of hostas here, and I’ve been reading about native plants and wondering if I should replace the hostas with wild ginger.

Six on Saturday is hosted by The Propagator.