We’ve had hot days and quite a bit of rain, so the garden is flourishing. Mostly: the boxwood seems to have caught blight. I pulled out one completely dead bush and chopped back two others severely; will have to look into treatment options.

On a happier note, here’s another look at the bed with coreopsis, lantana, and sedum. There are actually two each of the coreopsis and lantana, as well as dwarf marigolds:

Third up, I pruned the lilac bush to make room for some hostas I brought from the old house, and discovered this lost piece of the rock garden:

Fourth, coneflowers and gladioli; judging from real estate-site pictures, the gladioli will be red, which might produce a garish enough combination to satisfy me. But they aren’t in bloom yet, so we’ll see.

Fifth, more hostas:

Sixth and finally, milkweed just over the garden fence (plus day lilies). I’ve seen monarch butterflies hovering in this patch, but didn’t manage to photograph one. Pretend the day lily is a butterfly, as it’s the right orange.

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  1. If I squint, you are right, that flower becomes a butterfly! Isn’t it fun to be in a new garden, discovering new areas? Also challenging, but such a great learning time.

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