Last week saw a lull in the garden; bulbs were over, but nearly everything else (except columbine) was in a not-quite-yet state. Today, though, I have a lot in bloom. I fear some of these pictures may be blurry. Sun was strong on my screen, so I couldn’t really tell what I was doing, just pointed, shot, and hoped for the best. Here we go.

The honeysuckle arch is in full bloom, and you can also see a thistle I’m too lazy to remove, and a pot I recently planted with impatiens, alyssum, and something whose name I have already forgotten torenia (wishbone flower):

Under the honeysuckle, the lilac is adding to the sweet scents:

Not far away, the iris also smell nice (hosta edging into the picture as well):

The volunteer clematis is the first to bloom:

Spiderwort and that yellow thing, which now looks a lot like mustard:

Pinks and columbine:

Whoever planned this garden focused on purple/pink flowers, with a few splashes of complementary yellow to highlight the purple, as you can clearly see this week. Personally, I like bright, exuberantly multicolored gardens with lots of contrast (adjectives like ‘garish’ or ‘vulgar’ might spring to some people’s minds), but while living here, I have tried to honor the choices made by someone who had a clear and tasteful vision. I may let myself go in the next garden—you have been warned!

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