It’s still Saturday in my time zone, anyway.

The apple tree is still blooming, and the scent is lovely, but I can’t photograph its perfume. We’ll begin, instead, with a new entry, the columbine that established itself by the back door. It’s pale pink, when it flowers.Next I have a time-elapsed sequence of coneflowers, one taken last week but not posted then, and one from today. I planted two fancy coneflowers last year, and this afternoon I found the tags giving their proper names, but I’ve forgotten (maybe Cheyenne?) and I have a cat on my lap, so I’m not going to go find the tags now.

Three, more evidence of clematis growing enthusiastically. The bigger one will be purple; it seems to be the kind that likes to be cut back, as I was firm with it a couple of months ago and now look at it. The smaller one is red-violet and seems not to be so happy about being pruned, but as the two share the trellis it was hard to know how to distinguish them.

Four, more violets. 

Five, the unknown yellow thing again. I don’t think it’s mustard, nor broccoli rabe, and yet there’s a certain resemblance to both.


I’ll end with another columbine coming up among the pinks that edge the front walk. I’m glad to see the pinks coming back, since when I uprooted the oregano last year, the pinks also took a beating. (Of course now the oregano is coming back all over the place.) 

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