We don’t know, of course, what we’ll be doing about classes in the fall. If we’re all online, then yes, I’m spending the summer on training to teach online and converting my classes accordingly. In the meantime, we’ve been asked to consider putting one or more of our classes online, on the theory that at least some students will prefer to take classes online, due to health, care-taking, or whatever else they have going on.

I’m trying to decide. Do it now, when I’d get brownie points for stepping up and some understanding for early-adopter glitches? Or wait and see? I already have 21 students enrolled in my 2-day-per-week undergrad course, which would be a nice number for the hybrid course I’m sort of hoping for, meeting half of them one day, the other half on the other, and having the at-home half doing online stuff or “attending” via webcam. I miss being in the classroom, and even if I have to be prepared to go online if/when there’s another outbreak, or to teach a hybrid class, I really want to spend some actual physical time with my students.

I guess that’s my answer, now that I write it out. Who among my readers is thinking out similar questions, and what are you thinking?

5 thoughts on “Online or not?

  1. I guess my point is that if I want a sure thing, I can opt for an online course now. If I don’t choose that now, the type of class will be visited upon me, later, when the university makes up its mind. But for various technical reasons, this is not a choice I can put off, if I want certainty about what I’ll be doing in the fall.

  2. Yeah. I’m putting this off and preparing for possibility of hybrid/flexible approach. I don’t want to teach online. I don’t want to spend energy preparing for an online course if I don’t have to. I also don’t want to be caught off guard so am assuming hybrid, minimally…

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