I just logged in to post a comment, so I feel like I ought not to waste the opportunity to post, especially since I haven’t been around much lately. I can’t think of much . . . so here’s the Very Local News:

*Cats: Glendower’s new favorite place is the bedroom. He wants to get in there right after Cat Breakfast (while Sir John is still in bed) and spend the day there. Since he’s a grazer and the other cats are gobblers, this poses a few problems for getting food down him. It’s okay in the morning, but sometime in the afternoon we have to kick him out of the bedroom, since that’s where Basement Cat spends the afternoons, while Reina has her time Out of my study. (I think I mentioned some time back that we gave up on trying to get Reina and Basement Cat to get along, and just keep them separated, with Out time in shifts.) Then Glendower wants to get back in the bedroom as soon as possible. It was so much simpler when his favorite place was the cushion atop the printer.

*Technology: It is, however, easier to print things under this regime.

*Suburban Living: This weekend I have no grading and no other pressing work deadlines so I may actually be able to tackle some house-related tasks. I hope this will lead to more entries in the seriesDiary of an Academic Lady Trying to Sell Her House.”

*Travel Section: I have booked part of a summer vacation with Sir John, in the UK. Still to come: hotels, flights, other transport.

*Weather report: bright sun but very cold, with hope of rising to around freezing this afternoon.

*Sports: My weekly early-morning walk with one of my old neighbors didn’t happen today because she is visiting her family in another state where it is even colder. I didn’t know this till I got to her house and sent a text. It’s fine: I was up and moving very early, I got back some time I can use, and she is having a nice visit with her Aged P’s.

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