Your commenting problem still isn’t sorted, as far as I can work out: I’ve tried various devices and platforms, and have not been able to leave a comment in the past week. Sorry to hear about the rain and the bruises, found your silver-bracelet class inspiring, and well done not spending the cash on the jumpsuit. Maybe ink a little plane on the back of your hand to remind you what you’re saving for, at least when you’re in the vicinity of tempting shops.

2 thoughts on “Confidential to Carolbaby

  1. Oh ARGH! Thank you so much for alerting me!

    I’ve installed a new comment plugin which hopefully will remediate, my suspicion is that akismet spam filter is being a little too aggressive. Might take a different one for a spin too.

    Aren’t comments just the worst? It’s such a rare thing that actually work first time!

    And thank you for your kind words. It will be getting a little crowded on my hand, this year I draw a giant X to remind me to not be provoked by provocative colleagues.

  2. Hmmm. What about another jewelry-making workshop, to construct a bracelet with a little plane, and an X, and maybe some third reminder for the sake of balance? I think cut-outs on a cuff would be nice, and less likely to catch on things than sticking-out arms of X or little plane wings.

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