With that title, obviously I’m starting with a red, red rose (1):And I’m going to sneak the Sterling Silver rose in here, as well; the Lamb’s Ears that surround it are budding:2. The volunteer clematis seems to be blooming in two colors, unless there’s another volunteer that joined it this year:3. Close-up of the hydrangea that screens the garage:4. Spiderwort:5. Chamomile:6. Lavender:One thing I like about this garden is how many of its plants have pleasant scents. There are a lot of herbs in the front. Once there was creeping thyme, which got choked out by the oregano, but I have bought some regular thyme (haven’t found a creeper) to put in somewhere. I also have lemongrass, though I’m thinking I’ll keep it in a pot so I don’t mistake it for a weed and pull it back out. And that makes me think maybe I should just have a potted herb garden, with the thyme and maybe some cilantro, as well.

Six on Saturday is hosted by the Propagator! I look forward to getting over there and seeing what other gardeners are looking at today.