Last week, purples predominated. Now for red!

1. Barberry. We saw one of these last week. My garden has a total of four barberry bushes. Most of the largest one died last winter, so I have cut it back severely, and still have one large branch with a few red berries to cut up and put out with the yard waste pickup (for communal composting/mulching, as appropriate; I don’t have enough space for my own compost heap).


2. Pansies, overlapping with the barberry in one of the pictures above.

3. Unknown: miniature Japanese maple? Plus some snapdragons.

4. Roses, just coming into bud.

5. Clematis. More red-violet than red.

6. Coleus? From a pre-planted bowl I bought.

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3 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: Reds

  1. Luscious colours in five and six. I have barberry in my garden too, a great plant with year round interest but such vicious thorns.

  2. I love barberry as well, but that maybe-coleus is super. The plant w/the pink in its leaves plus the spot of petunia sets off the mystery plant nicely.

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