This is a meme some of the garden-bloggers do weekly. I’ve never got round to it before, but yesterday I took some pictures so that I could participate. I hope they’re not too blurry. “Six on Saturday” is hosted here:

First, the honeysuckle arch, as you come from the garage toward the house. Here we have a patch of iris, starting to fade a little, and three hostas (I don’t know the cultivars of anything; I inherited this garden from the former owners). I like the barberry next to the variegated green and white shrub, which was recommended by the garden designer I consulted at the beginning of the Battle of the Bellflower. She had no idea what we were up against. The clematis at the side of the house. A classic.  I was very pleased to discover this purple columbine under the pine tree out front. There are several pale pink columbines that have self-seeded, but I prefer darker colors, and these go very well with the other purples of this garden. Lamb’s ears and chives; there are also some pinks in the background. There’s a Sterling Silver rose in the middle of the lamb’s ears, but it’s still coming back from the winter and it will be awhile until it blooms. 

5 thoughts on “Six on Saturday

    1. Then the designer did some good! I inherited a lot of the plants from the previous owners, but I will take credit for the hosta grouping in that particular spot. The green/white one I imported from my last house, and the other two were already here, but ready for dividing a couple of years ago. I am so pleased that the iris came back, because I thought I had killed them when digging the bellflower out of that bed.

  1. Your garden looks like a very calming place to hang out. That last photo is so lovely, the variations of green & the pinks in the background. Welcome to SoS!

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