Apart from going to Mass every day (or at all), this sounds to me like a fabulous vacation, and I am going to try to do something like it after the semester is over:



I have ideas for at least two substantive posts but I still need to Do All The Things even though I am nearly done with one Enormous Thing (style-check of the Huge Honking Translation), and I just don’t have the time/brain to engage with blogging ideas. I found a wonderfully soothing, repetitive loop of classical piano and cello on YouTube that was exactly what I needed to keep my monkey-mind distracted, or do I mean focused, both/either/whatever, while I read through 150 pages of translated medieval text. Only another 50 or so to go! Starting Tuesday I’ll be able to see if the music works for grading as well.

Please tell me I am not the only sorry procrastinator who still has not taken tax-related stuff to the accountant. But if you file E-Z on the 15th don’t tell me, we need the accountant and at this point I am procrastinating in part because I feel so guilty about giving them more last-minute work. I have a stack of documents. I have the checklist from last year. I can do this.

And then the rest of the Things will not seem so bad. Right?

3 thoughts on “Awesome idea, plus some whining

    1. Oh, so I’m a procrastinator AND out of touch with reality. Thanks!
      But I knew that. I mean, I commute between the thirteenth, fifteenth, and twenty-first centuries, so it’s a wonder I can even maintain a blog (so last decade, but really, what’s ten years or so when I’m usually several hundred years in the past?).

      1. I only noticed it because I had to file my dad’s taxes, so I started early because I knew they were not EZ-compatible. Otherwise I’d have found out on April 14.

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