Nature morte:

Barberry, bayberry, and dried oregano flowers. I don’t know the cultivars of any of these; the previous owners planted the garden here, and I just try to keep it up as best I can. The vase was a present from a Korean graduate student, some twenty years ago, and I’m pleased I was able to find it when so many of our things are packed up in hopes of selling the house and moving somewhere smaller, newer, and more manageable.

I just spent an hour and a half shoveling snow—we did get snow, after all, so I’m at home rather than on campus—and contemplating the winter remains of the garden as I worked. I had thought that this might be the only Vase post for weeks if not months, but I think I may be able to pull together one more winter vase.

This meme comes from here:

Any readers who miss snow and four seasons, I will happily swap places with you.

9 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday

  1. Snow would be an incredible novelty in my part of the world (coastal Southern California) so, other than worrying about the damage it would do to my succulents and other plants suited to a Mediterranean climate, I’d fully enjoy it, assuming of course it didn’t hang around for long. The closest we’ve come in our current location is one brief round of light hail. I hope warmer days are in your near-term forecast.

    1. I grew up a few hundred miles north of you, and still tend to think of that climate as normal, though I’ve lived with regular snow longer than I was on the west coast, now. Once it gets cold, I’d rather it stayed that way than go back and forth across the freezing line.

  2. The vase is such a pretty shape and looks so elegant with the twiggy contents – thanks for sharing it with us today and hopefully see you next Monday too!

  3. A very pretty vase. Thanks for sharing. I’m afraid I dread the snow. It’s so difficult to travel about here and I am afraid of accidents. All the best. Karen

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