I’ve written before about thrashing, or at least referred to it. Today I am having trouble getting started on anything because there are so many things that need attention, and even writing them down (so I don’t have to keep them in active memory) isn’t helping. Even thinking about starting something (anything) prompts my brain to say “No! This other thing!” I’ve done a couple of relatively limited things with truly immediate deadlines, but now I’m starting on circuit of “must grade/write/work out/pay bills,” with a side of “Work out or swim? Grade old essays or new ones?”

And now that I’ve got this far, I remember the set of proofs that are due tomorrow, so I guess there’s another limited thing with immediate deadline that I can tackle. Unfortunately, that just sets off alarms about “long term goals, health and exercise, write first, graaaaading.”

Today also comes with the added annoyance of technical trouble with my personal e-mail. It’s past time to switch to a new provider, but I’ve been trying to put this off till after the end of the semester. Further, I know my brothers are not going to be able to remember the new one; sometime in all the uproar about my dad last year, it became clear that one of them had been trying to update me via an address that had been defunct for at least five years.

I wish my inner nag would just shut up.

One thought on “Thrashing

  1. A specialised formulation of The Dame’s Bugge Spray is clearly needed! Something which will suppress the little voices of all other chores for half an hour at a time, and let you focus on Just One Thing.

    I sometimes use the coffitivity sound app thing. Or a song I know very very well with a driving beat (or Bach’s Kunst der Fuge) to kind of fill up the bits of my head that are noisy, and promise myself to do Just This THing, Just For THis Song. Sometimes that helps, sometimes it flips me into hyperfocus which at least gets The THing done…

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