Several big things are now off my plate: the application for promotion got finished in May (I need to make a minor update, but that will take about 15 minutes to fix, save, and send to the appropriate people); the house went on the market in June; the translation went to the editors in July. All of these things are now Other People’s Problems. Committees will review the application; people will or will not want the house, but I can’t make them buy it; the editors will no doubt have queries and corrections, but the bulk of the work is over.

The thing I most want to get done this summer is the last set of MMP revisions. This week, therefore, that will be my One Job. Will one week be enough to finish? Maybe, maybe not. The point is to focus on that one task, and not worry about All The Other Things.

6 thoughts on “You have ONE JOB!

  1. Yay on applying for promotion! Are you going to buy another house in the same area, or are you moving substantially farther away?

    1. It is awesome! Really makes me want to get MORE things off my desk. I need to avoid starting too many things at once (I have very bad judgment regarding the scope of projects).

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