Apart from the waste of time. I looked up a former student . . . who has published more books than I have.

Granted, that is not difficult, since I have not yet published any book. And we’re not talking academic presses, or even well-regarded commercial presses. The student was certainly both talented and a go-getter, or I wouldn’t even remember the name after all this time.

Hrrmph. I shall contemplate the glories of the completed MMP for a bit, and then get back to the Next Thing.

Maybe someone from my past will Google-stalk me and be impressed, and slink back into the woodwork.

One thought on “Idle Google-stalking is not a good idea

  1. I have former RAs who are now professors at top-10 econ departments (I am not). I attribute that partly to the start I gave them that helped them get into great grad schools. šŸ™‚ Obviously you could take more credit for former students’ successes!

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