The concert was lovely. Even better: every piece was new to me. Afterwards, we went to a bookstore and I bought Peter Beagle’s new collection, Overneath. When we got home, we watched two episodes of “Enterprise.” Over the course of the day, I read the first half of the fourth Invisible Library book.

I slept badly and felt very achy this morning, but I had an engagement with a friend visiting from out of town. We visited a greenhouse and then went to lunch. When I got home, I finished yesterday’s novel and read the first two stories in Overneath. I also did some of the cooking I didn’t do yesterday. We watched another “Enterprise” episode.

I hope to sleep better tonight. Tomorrow I need to do both Professorial Work and Life Stuff. Here’s a picture for the TLQ group:

5 thoughts on “Spring Break, days 2 and 3

  1. Not so much as I thought I would. Some stories yes, some not so much. I have been thinking that as Beagle gets older, he seems to be less good at inhabiting the minds of people not-like-him, and I don’t so much enjoy being inside the head of an elderly man, even if the man is Schmendrick’s teacher. It’s not like I was so very fond of Schmendrick, come to that. And the story about the troll and the adjunct is distasteful in so many ways.

  2. That’s sad. My favorite from him is Tamsin, which is very different than him. (I met him once and he asked me what my favorite was and when I told him, he was really surprised. I guess most people tell him The Last Unicorn, which was my DH’s favorite, but I only read once.) All of his early stories are so different from each other– something he did on purpose according to some explanation in one of his books of short stories.

    1. I liked Tamsin too. Also Lila the Werewolf, and Mrs Klapper from A Fine and Private Place. My favorite is probably The Folk of the Air, because it does such a good job of conveying the weird mix of real/unreal aspects in Berkeley. Now that I’m looking him up, I see that there are a few pieces I’ve missed, so that’s something I can look forward to. Summerlong I enjoyed for its depiction of an area I know well, but I thought that one did a better job with the old guy than with any of the other characters.

      1. I should probably reread– it has been a long while since I’ve read most of his stuff. I do find a lot of his work unsettling, but mainly because it gets into my brain in a way that most authors never do. And I never really know what to expect from him since it is all so different.

        The getting into my head part makes it completely the worst situation for meeting an author in person– I was terribly star struck and self-conscious. Luckily DC1 was cute and the same age as one of his grandkids and DH wasn’t tongue-tied so I could mostly just quietly get things signed.

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