I suppose it’s mainly that in any large city, you’re going to have a certain number of disgruntled nutjobs who think violence is a good way to solve problems. Nonetheless, I’m sorry about the latest incident. One damned thing after another.


2 thoughts on “Oh, London . . .

  1. This happened just down the road from where I work. A lot of work was done yesterday by interfaith groups and local people were out last night to show their support. It does feel though that we are having a bit of a battering at the moment.

  2. OT, on the right to concentrate, I am now in a café where I feel entitled to concentrate. My house and office are both the kiss of death and I should recognize this and stop trying to make them work. Office, for meeting people; house, to enjoy; library, for getting things. Period. I am very grateful for this café. Also, the clothes that are appropriate for it, hip graduate student clothes, are the right ones.

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