Two months ago (time flies), Elizabeth Anne Mitchell got me to look at Crockett and Jones shoes, which are beautiful and expensive. Now I’ve found the site of Daphne Board, a US shoe artist and pedorthist. Also, it appears from her Instagram feed, a cat servant. Anyway, if C&J aren’t beautiful and expensive enough for you, check out Daphne. Or maybe, if you need to justify a pair of C&J shoes, look at how much more you could spend. Wouldn’t it be better to save the extra $400 you might lay out for Daphne’s welted Oxfords? And back on the first hand, consider what you spend on not-quite-right shoes. Could you clear out the ones you’re not wearing in favor of shoes you’ll wear all the time . . . for twenty years?

I’m thinking. The Chacos are good for now. I got a pair of their sandals, as well. If those will keep me out of shoe stores for three years or so, then maybe I’ll splurge on the Oxfords of my dreams.


5 thoughts on “An aspirational shoe post

      1. I don’t know– all I know is that they’re super comfortable for my feet. Looking on the internets, nobody is raving about Pikolinos arch support.

        I will say that I have yet to be able to find a pair of Chacos that works for me, so we probably have very different feet. Wandering Scientist loves her Chacos, so maybe she has other brand recommendations that would work for you.

      2. I have to get a half size smaller than usual and they are too wide, so they’re not perfect for me, but they make my very high arches happy so I find work-arounds.

  1. Wow! And I thought my humble Danskos or whatever the Norwegian version is were pricey. Would you wear these with tights and a skirt? I did buy some nice Italian ankle boots like all the cool kids are wearing; they look fabulous, but one of my toes goes numb.

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