We went to sign our tax return. The papers came out of the envelope, and I started to look at the numbers. Sir John began to read at the top of the page, and said, “That’s not this woman’s name.”

Despite my nom de blogue, IRL I use the name I was born with, legally, personally, professionally. Sure enough, though that name was all over all the paperwork we left with the accountant (a firm we have used before), I was identified by my husband’s name on every form filled in for 2016. So we didn’t sign. They’ll have to re-do the forms and we’ll go back again.

I am amused that Sir John noticed before I did.

3 thoughts on “Feminist husband

  1. You’re not tempted to find a new tax preparer? This seems like a deal-breaking lack of attentiveness. After all, I doubt that Sir John’s name is on your W-2 etc.

    1. It’s a huge office. We don’t have an individual accountant within it, just whoever is available to take our papers. This is one person’s mistake, made when under considerable pressure, and I bet it will never happen again. And I am way too lazy to seek out another firm. I blame the IRS system of labeling “taxpayer” and “spouse,” as if spouses don’t also pay taxes.

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