My new shoes are helping both ankles and knees. The hip is still a work in progress, so aches there may have some other cause. Nonetheless, it’s nice to have solved a couple of body problems just by buying new shoes. They are Chaco’s Kanarra, a little wide for me but acceptable with inserts and socks (and a Scarlett O’Hara style pull on the laces). I also bought some high-arch inserts to try in some of my other shoes, but after a try-on, I shrugged and went back to the Chacos. They feel good. Elegant they are not, but they are at least a discreet and sober grey, unlike my gym shoes, which nearly glow in the dark. I just wish I could find a pair of shoes that feels this good and looks acceptable with dresses. I could get a pair of Chaco’s sandals for summer . . .



5 thoughts on “Foot bone’s connected to the ankle bone

  1. Well done! And I like them.

    My feet too are relatively narrow and require arch supports. In fact, throughout my life, shoes have been a bane. (Hm, I like that; I hope it’s idiomatically correct.) I will definitely look out for Chaco’s… Thanks for the tip!

    1. I hope they’ll work for you. I started at Nordstrom, where three salespeople swore the best shoes for narrow feet with high arches were Munro and Mephisto. I was “meh” on both of them, so I left and went to REI.

      At Nordstrom I was the scruffy academic, compared to the waxed, buffed, and glossed staff and customers. In REI, everybody but me looked like they hailed from either Berkeley or Boulder, and I was the polished one. Context is everything!

      1. I have a pair of clunky black Munros I’ve been wearing for DECADES. I like them, and they’re holding up well, but they’re not good for long walks. Sneakers are rare (and expensive) in women’s size 12N, so I usually have to buy men’s, which tend to be too wide, so I always have a collection of not-quite-right sneakers that I know I should make an effort to replace with better ones, but ugh. (BANE.)

        Hm, I’m always the scruffy one in Nordstrom, but I feel unhip in REI…

      2. The comfortable but garish gym shoes I have are Asics. Not sure how they do with sizes above 9.5. BTW, Chacos run large; I needed a half size smaller than usual.

  2. Those look GREAT!

    I wear hiking boots to teach in; they’re comfortable, reasonably light (they’re light hikers). I also wear Tevas, Keans, and sneakers. But I have no fashion sense or concern.

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