It’s almost over.

Both Wednesday and Thursday were sunny, though chilly, and I did errands both days so I could be outside rather than in the basement. I went to the gym both days. I had a long and interesting conversation with a woman I met in a yoga class, about eight years ago. For all that time, we’ve chatted when we see each other, but never really talked. As I tend to represent myself (at the gym) as “an English teacher,” so she also presents herself as less accomplished than she is. I know why I do it: to avoid the “intimidating” label, so I don’t look like I’m showing off, so I don’t have to explain what that means or what I really do (research on medieval literature??) to people who are clueless. But it’s easier for me to find common ground with other over-educated people, whatever their field, people who are accustomed to thinking analytically. It would be easy to say “Oh, women are socialized to do that,” but actually, I wasn’t, or not in the course of my upbringing and education. In my 30s I deliberately trained myself to behave this way, to conform to social norms in the place I live now.

I also baked a pie (one day late) and took it to a social gathering Wednesday night. Thursday I dropped off donations in two different places and bought more packing boxes, then spent the afternoon and evening reading Foreigner novels.

I feel like I’m not making very much progress, but I haven’t been sleeping well, and that always slows me down a lot. My ankle is better but my hip is still achy and wakes me up sometimes, and the sliver of pie I allowed myself disagreed with me. It looks like most fruit is going to be off the table (pun intended) for the foreseeable future. I try to focus on the positive: changes to diet alone are enough to relieve my symptoms, and when I eat carefully, I feel completely normal, and sleep better besides. Going out is awkward, though. I hate looking like such a picky eater, while explaining all the details is tedious for everyone. I picked up some useful tips from this thread at Captain Awkward’s site.

Anyway, today is cloudy and so it might be a good day to spend more time in the basement, since I won’t be missing the sun down there. Or gather tax info. Or do some class planning and assignments. The main thing is to pick something, anything, and just do it, rather than thrashing.