I complained about Glendower awhile back. Now Reina has developed the chewing-on-paper tendency. She used only to chew post-its left sticking out of books that had been re-shelved. She loves to hide on bookshelves, behind the books; we have open-frame shelves that make it easy for the cats to tunnel behind the books, since if we push books to the wall, (a) they fall down since the walls aren’t necessarily plumb, and (b) enormous amounts of clutter accumulate on the space in front of books. I didn’t so much mind the post-its getting chewed. I do mind having to clear my desk every time I leave the room, because now she’ll attack a whole stack of paper and chew all the corners off and fling confetti around the room. I need more drawers or cupboards, closed storage.

She is curled in her bed looking like butter wouldn’t melt, but I need to go do other things, so the current batch of print-outs must be hidden lest they be shredded before my return.

4 thoughts on “Cats who encourage tidiness

  1. I have a wooden toy box with a latch on it. My furball is good about most paper, but she adores chewing on the special cover sheets all students put on their essays…

      1. I have had to give back papers with extensive perforations… fortunately she prefers to just repeatedly bite the exam cover sheets, she saves the throwing-the-head-back ripping off of large pieces for any glossy-covered magazine I leave anywhere near her. She has systematically torn out and thrown around all the pages from one of those giant 100 page plus cooking-porn seasonal magazines you (I) occasionally give in and buy in up-market food shops in the space of about half an hour. It makes a HUGE mess…


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