We have a burning bush outside the kitchen window, in fact pressed up against the window. For the last week or so, it has been green and burgundy, pretty but not spectacular. This morning I glanced up when I was washing my breakfast dishes and was stunned by the red glow.

Although I find “fall colors” a bit ostentatious, having grown up in an environment with many non-deciduous trees, I enjoy them. Nothing wrong with a bit of bling. It’s the whte and gray of winter that I don’t care for, even though I do like the subtle (drab to many) shades of a desert.

But for a week or two I’ll have bright red outside the kitchen, and a golden glow from the neighbor’s tree outside my study, and I’ll take it while I can get it.

I keep having ideas for posts and then not writing them. Could do better if tried harder (no doubt will be my epitaph).