I have submitted the last chunk of the MMP (whatever number it is) that remained homeless.

One piece is in print. The companion-piece is in print. Another piece is that terribly tardy R&R to which I shall now turn my attention.

I started work on this project seven years ago, which seems like an unconscionable amount of time. However, the project, which began by seeming simple, turned into the above-listed four essays. What’s more, during those seven years I have also written three other unrelated articles. One is in print, one is forthcoming (proofs have been corrected), and there’s another R&R, which will be the second thing up, after the super-tardy one. Somehow it feels like I haven’t done anything but the MMP-1 (3?) for years, but that’s not true. If I can get this one accepted, and get my two R&Rs done and in print, I will have averaged a respectable one article per year for the past seven years. It’s just that they clump up oddly instead of appearing tidily spaced on my CV.

One lesson from all this is to do your R&R as soon as it comes. At the time I got the one on the MMP-3 (or 1?), I couldn’t stand to put down whatever I was working on (I think it was the just-submitted chunk of the MMP, but maybe it was a different piece altogether), because I was sure it was almost done and I was afraid of losing momentum. But “almost done” can drag on, and on.

And on.

I feel like doing something to celebrate, though I have a stack of papers to grade and a lawn to mow. If this essay gets accepted, there will be champagne all around, IRL for sure, and a virtual party with both a chocolate fountain and a champagne fountain for my blog-friends and readers (neither calories nor hangover for the virtual stuff!). I don’t really like being drunk (ask a glass of water . . . ) but finishing off seven years of servitude to this project (fingers crossed; maybe I haven’t done it yet) seems to demand getting drunk as a lord. Or something epoch-making. Suggestions?

4 thoughts on “Yes, done

  1. Congrats! This is huge.

    As for celebrations, I say buy yourself something special and relatively durable, whether related to the project or not. I have several objets I still remember as connected to the day I finished my first year of teaching, or had an article accepted, or whatever. A night out is nice, but I like living with tangible, pleasurable reminders.

    (For me it’s stuff like a cool vintage ring, or a neat print for my office wall, or an art-glass table lamp, but YMMV.)

  2. Congratulations! I’m really aware that in the humanities we often have dry spells and then a lot comes out more or less at once. It evens out over time, but it’s very frustrating because you can’t see your progress.

    In some ways I think you’re right about R & Rs, but you have to get back into your head for that project, which does take time, and may not be the most efficient thing…

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