A few weeks ago I cleared my desk (and other surfaces) by creating stacks of paper in the guest room, with the plan that I would sort them out when I was procrastinating on grading. Well, this weekend we have an unexpected but delightful house guest. I shoveled the stacks into the drawers of an empty file cabinet. This post is to remind me where they are, when in a few weeks or months I am cursing my inability to find this or that important bit of paper that has gone missing.

Footnotes proceed. I am up to number 70 on this my first pass through the document, though I will still need to go back for some that require more searching through files and shelves.

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  1. This is one of the reasons I’d like to have a guest room — or, really, any extra room (dining rooms can be handy for sorting purposes as well, but are also subject to the downside of unexpectedly needing them for the intended purpose). At the moment, I just go straight to the file drawer (or, in my case, one of my collection of rubbermaid tubs), but am reluctant because, yes, that can make things disappear (even more of a danger with a collection of many identical rubbermaid tubs).

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