Awhile back, Basement Cat announced Sabra’s departure. Despite all my efforts (safe space, slow introductions, play therapy/joint military exercises, treats, Feliway, and so on), Sabra really really really wanted to be an only cat, and (a) that is just not happening in this house, and (b) her presence was stressing out BC so that he was attacking our other cats, including the poor old Grammarian who had enough other problems. We took Sabra to a no-kill shelter, hoping she would soon be someone else’s beloved special kitty.

Well, she has finally been adopted. The path there was not smooth, sad to say. I did tell them about her desires, but she was first adopted by people who already had a cat. Sabra’s response to that was to think outside the box, if you get my drift, and so they brought her back to the shelter. Then there were some weeks of re-evaluation. Eventually the shelter people decided she just needed to be an only cat (yes, duh, we know!). Then there was more waiting till there was a suitable spot for her on the adoption floor. Poor girl. I hope she now has great people who appreciate her properly. She is so beautiful and such a charmer, so long as other cats are not involved.

In a weird way, I find all this reassuring. We had no trouble with her over litter-box usage, so clearly we were doing something right despite her inability to settle in with our other cats. And I do have a lot of experience integrating cats into the household, so I rather feel that if it couldn’t happen here, it wouldn’t happen anywhere (although Basement Cat and his anxieties do present a special challenge). We probably did better with her than many people would have been able to. This may even throw some light on why she was out on her own in the first place; she might have been thrown out, or left of her own accord, when a new cat, dog, or infant joined the family.

I never thought I’d have to surrender an animal, but apparently it can happen even to the crazy cat people of the world. Please support your local no-kill shelter. They help all of us.

2 thoughts on “Sabra update

  1. I am glad that she has now found a good home and that your other cats can settle into comfortable truces with each other. And I do support no-kill shelters (with money, even)–agreed!

  2. You did well! And thanks very much for the update. I’m so glad Sabra seems to have landed in her “forever home.” Lucky girl.

    The local ASPCA in our last city had a no-kill policy (thanks in part to a local animal-minded celebrity), and I did once take a cat there (a friendly neighborhood stray who was obviously struggling but whom our then-cats would NOT have tolerated). There were also a couple of private no-kill shelters nearby (we adopted our pair of sisters from one of those).

    In our current city, no-kill shelters are few, far-flung, and restrictive. And the stray animal problem is daunting… Oh, for an animal-minded rich celebrity or two!

    Hooray, too, for your other cats, who must be relieved to have the household back to normal (though I suspect Basement Cat remains on high alert).

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