My love abideth, thine is away;
My love thee calleth, thou steleth me fro . . .
So welcome to me there ar no mo . . .
Quia amore langueo.

12 thoughts on “The Grammarian, 2003-2016

  1. Thank you all. A good boy to the last, the Grammarian suffered multiple system failures, making it very clear that it was time. No false hopes or heroic measures. We miss him anyway, of course, and he was the last of his generation of cats: we adopted the Scot, the Grammarian, and his sister (the Tiny Cat) all at once. So we miss the bunch of them all over again, now. They were a great group, and made us think adding cats to the household was easy. We’ve had to reconsider that notion, Basement Cat being what he is.

    Basement Cat will have his own post on the situation, soon.

  2. Oh, I’m so sorry. And the generation piece makes it extra hard – when you get several cats at the same time, it marks a time in your life. Which is now over.

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