Maybe I’m British. I am horrified to discover that it is Hug Your Medievalist Day. While I think Natalie Grinnell’s how-to guide is amusing (the more so the farther down you read), I think I need to caution people I know in real life: don’t hug me. I like it about as much as Basement Cat does.*

Who may hug me? Sir John. My dad. Small children to whom I am related IF they are not sticky.

I tolerate hugs from close friends and family members not listed above, though even with these people, close observers will notice my ears slanting back and the tail twitching a little.

From anyone else, a hug makes the ears go flat and the tail lash. Why can’t you just shake hands? What is with all this touchy-feely crap? How can I single-handedly reverse the rising hug-tide?

Listen up, people: around here, it’s SHAKE YOUR MEDIEVALIST’S HAND DAY.

Okay? Do it my way, and no one will get hurt.


*    Basement Cat and I are both bribe-able. Offer him kibble. Approach me very carefully with a large slab of dark chocolate. In both cases, you may get away with it, but don’t blame me if someone runs away with the bribe and eats it behind the bookcase.


6 thoughts on “No, no, no, no, NO, NO NO NO NONONONONONO!

  1. Ugh, the rising hug-tide. The approach of a hugger always raises my hackles. But then, I’m sort of a basement cat myself. (As to bribes, a double bourbon never hurts.)

  2. AArgh, basement cat has the advantage of both claws and cuteness (and the excuse of being feline).

    Wish those could be added to the basic middle-aged-grumpy-female mod – and I’d LOVE a tail to lash!

  3. Stealth hug! RUNNNNNNNN!!!

    Just kidding. I hate hugging, too. It feels weird and fake a lot of times. Most of the medievalists I know would be happy if you raised a pint in their general direction and called it good. (Or a stein or some medievalist thingy like that. hahaha… )

  4. One could try mead. (I have a source).

    Oddly, though very introverted, I’m not tremendously averse to hugging (but still prefer such approaches from those at least relatively near and relatively dear).

  5. I saw the headline and thought, “what, the Leader of the Pack has been killed again?” (old music joke).

    Hugs are so *awkward.*

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