I had plans for working on multiple things last week, but what happened was (a) taxes, which are now Someone Else’s Problem (yay, I love when I can make things Someone Else’s Problem), and (b) revisions to the second essay that I banged out in rough form last summer. It still needs a handful more citations and a proper introduction, and then formatting. I plan to work on those things this Friday. By April, I want it all groomed and pretty and GONE to be Someone Else’s Problem.

Things that are still My Problem: translation work, two more sets of revisions, another (last?) chapter of the Book in Progress, and a conference paper for next summer. Once the chapter is roughed out, I’ll be able to look at all the bits I’ve done and think about whether the planned organization is working, or if it should be re-organized along the lines of Plan B, or maybe work out a Plan C. The earlier chapters need revision and expansion; the most recent one needs revision and contraction. But I’m looking forward to the moment when I can get a look at the shape of the whole thing.

The main plan for this week is revising and grooming chunks of translation. I’m hoping that that will go quickly and smoothly enough that I can move on to the conference paper or the next chapter or maybe a different set of revisions. Even if goes slowly, however, I think I should be able to sign off on those bits this week, and move on to another single focus for next week.

One thing that often works well for me is to have the “official” focus of the week and the “cheating” focus. So if I don’t feel like working on the main event, there’s another one that I can make progress on while procrastinating on the main one. That’s how I got Second Summer Essay so far along last week!


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