While I’m re-reading other people’s old blogs, I wound up back at my own, thanks to feMOMhist who linked to the spring 2012 writing group. Wow, I sounded so together so much of the time, and I was actually so.damned.tired. most of the time. Writing was definitely incremental that semester. Must keep this in mind when planning for next year. Well. I will definitely not organize any more conferences. That was the most painful thing. But I really liked those inspirational quotes. Apparently other people did too. Nice to get inspired and feel I did some good in the world, that year!

3 thoughts on “Do you re-read your own blog?

  1. I do reread sometimes to see what I was doing, say, three years ago or whatever. I’m always surprised to find myself fairly entertained and/or happy to know that things are usually better now than they had been. Especially when comparing now to the darkest days with my ex-chair.

  2. I do reread my own blog and the comments, too. Sometimes I can’t recall or identify what incident I’m writing about, which is oddly comforting, as in “this too shall pass.”

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