One thought on “Solstice streets

  1. I had to take off the http:// to get the link to work, but cool! There are a few in my area, but I’m pretty sure they’re all accidental (and standing in any of them at either sunrise or sunset would result in a lot of honking at best and sudden death at worst).

    In any case, I’ll be preparing communion for and reading at a “Longest Night” (Christmas for people who aren’t feeling Christmasy) service at church. It doesn’t get a huge attendance, but there are some people who need it in any particular year, and they seem to be glad it’s there. For me, it usually comes just after grades are in, and so marks the beginning of my abbreviated advent season.

    I also just looked up and re-read “A Nocturnal Upon St. Lucy’s Day” ( ), and also very much enjoyed the Auden below — definitely one of the best modern elegies (or anti-elegies,or whatever it is).

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