This face is staring at me right now from in front of my computer.  I think Basement Cat may be overreacting, but possibly Sabra has contracted with someone working on My Brilliant Idea to keep me from getting anything done.  She is certainly quite willing to show off the extra weapons.  Is that the confidence of a trained assassin, or the innocence of an ingenue?

Sabra 2015


Basement Cat reminds me that we have no idea where Sabra came from or what her story is.  She just showed up and said this was her house now, and we let her get away with that.  Would we do that with a hooman?  Basement Cat despairs of us.


10 thoughts on “Sabra

  1. She’s beautiful! A torbie, no? Our Matriarch is a torbie, and I’m pleased to say she still has the black spots on her belly that I’d hoped would persist past her kittenhood (now many moons ago).

  2. That African cat is awfully cute. (I’d never heard of it before.) Our torbie has black feet too! And the same dark pink nose and green eyes. The Matriarch is affectionate with us but usually hides from strangers. When she’s startled or afraid (if she spots a cat outside, for example), her tail suddenly bushes up like a puffer fish.

  3. My “torbie” (I thought Americans called these cats talicos?) has mostly black feet. Sabra is a real beauty, what a sweet face!

  4. She’s lovely, but there’s something about those eyes. . .I, too, would not entirely discount BC’s suspicions.

  5. She is very beautiful. And if she thinks your house is hers, then it is. As for the descriptor, I think what is called “calico” in the US (orange/white/black combo) is tortoiseshell in the UK.

    1. Tortoiseshell is mottled black/orange/brown, calico is splotches of orange, black, and white, torbie is tortoiseshell plus tabby, so stripes in tortoiseshell colors, as opposed to grey or brown or orange tabby.

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