I meant to do that.  It was totally deliberate.  It was a strategic retreat!  You notice that I chased her out of My Bedroom?  It was only after she unfairly circled round under the coffee table that I allowed her to chase me into His study.  Notice how sorry He felt for me, while She yelled at That Cat.  I most certainly did not run like a frightened kitten: kittens are never frightened of anything, the little idiots.  Remember what I was like?

Anyway, That Cat is a different level of menace than we have seen before.  She wears desert camouflage and has extra weapons on all four feet.  I am sure she is Mossad, probably Kidon, and there are limits to what even I am willing to take on.  My team and I (Reina and Glendower, or Faux-Glendower, I am still not quite sure about him, especially after another vet visit: the vet is probably cover for special-forces instruction), are all ninjas in elegant black.  No one sees us coming after dark, and we have special skills.  And yet I have to admit that in our closed society, the violence has become increasingly ritualistic and formalized.  We are pitiless when it comes to kibble and catnip, but we rarely inflict actual harm on one another.  We are unaccustomed to dealing with hardcore desert warriors.

Possibly Glendower is learning some of That Cat’s secrets, as they spend a good deal of time together.  That is, I am hoping he’s a double agent, really on the Ninja team.  I don’t like to think that that Sabra has recruited him into the Organization.  He certainly hasn’t acquired the desert camo uniform.  But I need to think about the situation.  This is going to require a lot of paw-washing and meditation while sharing His chair.  The People are regrettably unaware of the lurking dangers, and I am going to have to protect them as best I can.  At least Reina is properly vigilant.  Her feral background serves her well.

I may need to cede certain areas of the house to That Cat’s control.  But My Bedroom is going to stay Mine.  Ninja space!  Proper attire!  No grunt uniforms.  Black cats only.  That’s my line in the sand.

As it were.

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