It looks like there might be some marginal entries on this page of a manuscript, but the photo I took is blurry. And I didn’t re-take that particular page, even though I have multiple good pictures of the previous page, and multiple good shots of a single comment on another page.

Why?  Why did I not notice that that one was blurred, or that there was something there I might want a decent shot of?

Why aren’t all my photos in focus, in the first place?

Grumble grumble grumble.

Maybe someday I’ll get another look.  For now, I’m going to have to finesse this.  Please let the reviewers not pay too much attention to the paragraph in which the finessing happens.


5 thoughts on “Sod’s law

  1. Argh! How much would the library charge for a scan? Or do you know anyone where it was taken?

    My footnotes are littered with “Check original on this one” highlighted in yellow so I don’t forget when I finally get back to the archives.

    1. Alas, that library doesn’t do scans, though they’re fine with people taking their own photographs. This isn’t a manuscript that fits with their focus, so it’s a little neglected. For what I’m doing right now, it doesn’t so much matter (I hope). I can make some general remarks about responses to Text X before going on to Text Y, my main topic. But it is certainly a lesson not to assume that you’re not going to be concerned with *that* text . . . if you do MS studies, pretty much anything in the MS may become interesting eventually.

      I like to think of myself as organized and careful, and then stuff like this happens!

      1. Let me know if its in London or Oxford, because I’ll be there in December and could probably take a picture.

  2. Actually, it is in London. That would be very kind of you. Do you know me IRL? Don’t email the DEH address, because I have forgotten the password. Do you have an address you don’t mind leaving in comments? Or maybe there’s another blogger we could go through. Fie knows my real identity. This all starts to sound very hole-and-corner!

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