The things I miss by not being in the TLQ group:

“So for a slightly frivolous topic this week, after what seems to have been a difficult summer in different ways for nearly everyone, I thought I’d ask you to suggest some perfect products we should be stocking up on for our Back To School(University) bags.  Me, I’d like to be able to buy:

  • The Dame’s Bugge Spray, now on special offer – every bottle of Bugge Spray (enabling research productivity in any ten minute gap you can find, rather than procrastination) comes with a FREE trial size of Silencing Mist, perfect for use on obnoxious colleagues who insist on telling you how much they achieved over the summer or on yourself when you just need to indulge in a therapeutic scream or rant before putting your professional face back on
  • Attractamints: leave a pack out on your desk overnight, and you’ll return to find the marking elves have been, finished up all the tests, and tidied your papers whilst they were still on a sugar high from eating the treats.
  • Readalot Glue: apply to syllabi and textbooks, your students literally will not be able to put them down until they’ve read every word!
  • ‘Sunterday’, an extra 24 hour add-on to slot into your weekend when needed, perfect for recharging on the go.”

JaneB is brilliant, as are other contributors, who offer:

“‘Guilt-Free Chocolate’, not only chocolate that you can eat without any health effects and one that brings all the comfort of lovely chocolatey goodness, but one that removes the guilt that comes from focusing on task X while the rest of the alphabet of tasks are lurking menacingly.”

“20-20 Hindsight Glasses – glasses that give you the power to see what you should/shouldn’t do with the clarity of hindsight but in the actual moment.”

“A Personal Pop-Up Blocker that can block out all those extraneous thoughts and interruptions when I need to focus. And a Switch-O-Matic–it switches you from one task to then next with no ramp up or cool down needed. Crazy discussion with colleague? Switch-O-Matic makes it so you can be deep into your research the next minute.”

Right now, I need to combine the Switch-o-Matic with Bugge Spray (how did I let myself run out?) so I can figure out what needs to happen with a set of revisions that I haven’t even looked at yet. A Sunterday would be fantastic but I bet it’s a lot more expensive than Bugge Spray.

Start by finding the e-mail.  Then open the file.  Stop listening to the voices nagging about why I haven’t started this yet (I finished all.the.notes. for the article due Tuesday, okay? so I’m going to need some of that chocolate, too) and about other things I should be doing and how there isn’t enough time.  It’s not going to get any earlier.


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