You might think I did; but actually, it was my computer that went west.  Massive crash.  I didn’t lose much data, because I’m fairly obsessive about backing up (and lazy about erasing pictures when I download from the camera), but I did lose a day or so of work (because lazy in general, I guess), and was in deep denial for awhile about how bad it was.

I now have a new hard drive in the old laptop.  And a new desktop, because I’m tired of laptops and their problems.  I still have some set-up to do on the laptop.

I have looming deadlines, and in the last couple of days, a few more things thrown at me on top of the ones I knew about.  So I may fall off the face of the earth again.

But along with the computer stuff, and other distractions of the last few weeks (house guests, routine breakages, more garden annoyances), we acquired a Visiting Assistant Cat, whose line has been converted to tenure-track.  She more than meets the requirements on paper, but collegiality will be the make-or-break issue.

2 thoughts on “Falling off the face of the earth. With cats!

  1. Welcome VA Cat! My VA Cat also converted to T-T, though senior cat is still a bit uncertain. However, observing feline social dynamics is a lot of fun. (VA Cat is much more cuddly than Senior Cat, but does tend to bite if I pat. I don’t quite get it.)

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