The limb of the Octopus that I lopped off and sent out last winter (that is, the MMP-3) has found a home.  Minor revisions, but hey, what new home doesn’t need a lick of paint and some repairs?

MMP-1 is still being brooded over by a dragon who may or may not admit it to his hoard (ack, mixed metaphor: well, let’s say I gilded the octopus-leg before trying to tempt the dragon with it).

For about a month, the MMP-2 has appeared to be two paragraphs and a round of proofing away from being offered to another dragon.  Once I get the K’zoo paper wrestled into submission, I’ll do that gilding and see if I can find a thief to sneak it into the draconian lair.

7 thoughts on “MMP news

  1. That’s good news!

    I have an art historian friend going to K’zoo and I keep imagining her meeting all the K’zoo-going-bloggers I read.

    1. Is that a hint that I should return to the writing-group business? Or just a question? You could set up your own. Jonathan Mayhew’s may be on-going still; you could ask him if he’d take someone new. You could try setting up a group (either real-time or online) with people you know from your institution or elsewhere.

      1. Maybe a hint, but also a question. I definitely don’t want to set up one myself. I do have a weekly research group in my department, but that’s not the same thing. Where is Mayhew’s (and is it drama-free)?

      2. His main blog is and the writing group one is a private, invitation-only blog. It was completely drama-free (and was mainly for goal-setting) when I was a member, though that was some years back. Ask if it’s still around and if he’s accepting new members this summer. I wrote about it here:
        and here:

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