Well, the best I can say for yesterday is that it’s over.  That was some fog I was in.  I kept looking at the clock, doing something (like feeding a cat), thinking about two minutes had passed, and discovering that 20-30 minutes had gone by and I had no clue what I had been doing.

The teaching list?  I forgot all about it.  I also forgot that it was Friday (though I knew in the morning that it was Friday the 13th), and therefore I had a yoga class to go to.  It took all afternoon to do a handful of house-things: adjust the screws on the door-closers so the front door closes more slowly and the back door, faster; find and put up the bedroom curtains; move a couple of pieces of furniture; swap out plastic shelf-pins in two kitchen cupboards for metal ones; exchange the contents of these cupboards*; and pay the bills.  I then went for a 4.5 mile walk when I should have been at yoga, and bought a book at the local independent bookstore**.  Once Sir John got home, we watched two days of Paris-Nice, and I answered a friend’s e-mail, and ordered one book and two dresses online (inspired by Cloud, I’m trying out eshakti. This is the dress I really want, but it’s not what I’m getting).

I used to have a lot more days like that.  I’m glad that they are now rare.  Having one makes me very appreciative of my improved state.

At sunrise this morning I put the cats out of the bedroom and, thanks to the curtains, went back to sleep.  I’m getting a late start on the day, and there are pre-planned events that will break it up in ways that may inhibit productivity, but at least I’m rested and thinking clearly.  I think.

*Astute readers may suspect that a different cupboard has already had this operation performed, and for cause (i.e., plastic fatigue).  Astute readers would be correct.  Mirabile dictu, very few dishes were broken in that event, which happened months ago.  I’m not very good at getting to these house tasks.

**Support your local independent bookstore!  I could have put that on my spring break to-do list.  Why not?  Never mind that I had intended to walk to the public library, but in my fog couldn’t get out of the house until too late to get there in opening hours.  The ultimate effect is good for the bookstore, so I’ll claim it as a Useful Thing To Have Done.