I spent hours staring at a bad manuscript scan-from-microfilm.  Ugh.  I’m glad to have it, but modern digitization is so much better.  This is necessary to move writing forward, and better done in long stints than short ones, but I’ve also been dreading it because the scan is hard to work with.  I’m now about halfway through with that.

Yoga.  Gym.  Some outdoor-tidying.  A social gathering.  Progress made on a sewing project.  Way too long at the library looking fruitlessly for something fun to read at the gym.  What a lot of books there are that just don’t interest me . . . .

Cats kept waking me up last night, so I’m not sure how today will go.  Maybe it will be a good day for doing lots of small brainless tasks; or maybe I’ll manage to power through.