I don’t do as well as I’d like at keeping up with some of the “serious” medieval blogs, like TenthMedieval, and with the gorgeous pictures at Medieval People of Color.  But today I spent a couple of happy hours getting caught up.

And so, when I came across this from a month ago, I was inspired to make this present post.  “I know there are a few ‘real academics’ who think that Medievalpoc, for want of a less direct term, is a bit trashy. 😉 This trashiness seems quite related to my use of common terms, the conversational tone of posts, and being more obviously emotionally invested in what I have to say than is ~proper~ for ~objectivity~.”

Because I am trying not to multiply online identities/accounts, and because Medievalpoc, understandably, wants commenters to be registered Tumblr users, and since, besides, the relevant post is a month old, I’m coming back to my own space to say that Medievalpoc is an External Link on my Blackboard site, where its conversational tone is accessible to students who find “academic writing” off-putting or at least Not Fun, and that I am very grateful for the work its author does to make the Real Middle Ages visible to us all.

To be honest, I used to believe a lot of the myths that Medievalpoc has exploded.  I didn’t know any better.  They were what I was told by Authority.  I don’t think I have any particular investment in those myths.  I’m glad to move beyond them, and to have such an easy way to point out to my students that the Middle Ages are for all of them. The evidence is there, thanks to Medievalpoc, if one will just open the eyes and look (and it is such beautiful evidence, too).   So, a public Thank You from (as I like to think of myself) a “real academic.”  Not trashy.  Very valuable.