It is a cold, blustery, snowy Halloween, and I can’t get the black cats to stay in the window and be appropriately decorative.  Basement Cat is spooked by Strange People on the Porch! and runs away.  The Grammarian and Glendower don’t care about strange people, but prefer their soft warm perches.

Pym Fan asked about the older cats, so I’m happy to report that all are well.  The Grammarian is now our oldest, and though he has a couple of chronic conditions, they are well-managed.  Basement Cat has mellowed enough that he really doesn’t deserve the name of Basement Cat any longer; he’s a very sweet boy.  He seems happy that he has advanced in the cat hierarchy.  Although Reina, as a female, is technically “over” him (cats are matriarchal), he’s senior to her, so I think in his mind it balances out.  Glendower gave us a scare earlier this year, but he’s responding well to diet and medication for what turned out to be inflammatory bowel disease (and not something worse).  They enjoy the new house, which has more space to run around, high spaces to jump into, and fascinating bird-watching from the windows.  I imagine that for the cats, it’s something like moving into the really good gym that gets all the cable channels.


3 thoughts on “Halloween is Caturday

  1. So glad to hear all the cats are well. The new house sounds like great fun for them! Interesting how pecking orders work out. When our one (fixed) male first joined the household, he deferred to the two middle-aged sisters (the larger of whom is clearly the matriarch). But he quickly grew bolder. He’s very sweet, but he does seem to be under the impression that the house and everything in it, including the three girls, belong to him. The young Siamese tolerates him best; the tortoiseshell is still appalled…

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